Trevor Noyle

Trevor Noyle

Trevor and Denise were married in 1979.

They have two children, who are both married, and have families of their own.

Trevor and Denise will be proud grandparents to 3 grandchildren in 2018.

Trevor and Denise ran their own business for 27 years; Trevor was involved for 17 of those years, before being called into full time ministry in 2000 at Bryanston Bible Church (BBC), which had very strong Brethren roots.

Trevor’s ministry focus has always been to engage one on one with folk through counseling. He has also taught extensively on family and marriage matters, and facilitated small groups on Christian Parenting Principles.  Trevor has always connected well with the youth (before the grey hairs showed up) and taught on biblical courtship and associated topics.

Trevor has been a licensed Marriage Officer since 1997.

In 2009 Trevor resigned from BBC to initiate a Family Focused Ministry called Hope 4 Healing Ministries (H4HM) in Randburg. This ministry became very effective in the 3 years that it was in operation, as many non-church folk from the local community came for family and marriage assistance.

One of the main focuses at H4HM was the weekly courses run, the most popular being teaching on the power of forgiveness through the principles of PNI (Psycho – Neuro – Immunology), as well as many practical courses on parenting. An addiction programme for ‘functioning addicts’ was also started. H4HM grew from strength to strength and served the community with a full time staff of 4 people and about 9 volunteers.

Sadly H4HM was forced to shut its doors when the owner of the property it was leasing refused to renew the lease.

There was considerable pressure for Trevor to find new premises and continue running H4HM – but by now Trevor was sure that God had actually shut that door and he should not proceed to push it open again.

Trevor was invited to attend a Sunday morning service at GMS in January of 2013. Denise joined him a year later and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since 2014 Trevor has formed part of the staff at GMS. He serves as Regional and Pastoral Elders over several house churches and continues to offer family, marriage and addiction counseling services.