GATE Ministries Sandton (GMS) is a spiritual household under the fathering grace of Senior Elders Thamo and Mirolyn Naidoo. The establishment of this ministry was birthed out of a divine mandate given to Thamo and Mirolyn – a new season has dawned upon the church that must visibly announce and tangibly express itself to congregations positioned in gateway cities globally. This season, named in some circles as the ‘apostolic season’ was born at least two decades ago and passionately pursues the alignment of the church to apostolic biblical patterns, free from conformity to secular and humanistic influences.

The mandate of GMS is to be a strategic gate for the presentation, proclamation and modelling of the apostolic message by::

  • Call the Church to return to biblical correctness
  • Present fresh biblical perspectives on the ministry, relevance and function of the church in a postmodern world
  • Bring believers into recognition of their identity as sons of God and the unique relationship they have with God as their Father
  • Serve as a global apostolic resource center for leaders in ministry and the market place
  • Seek to constructively and practically provide a biblical, Christocentric (Christ centered) model of ministry, offering a deeper spiritual encounter for the family of God.
  • Reaching the unchurched, Resourcing the churched, Reforming the nations

Our History

In 2011 God directed Pastors Thamo and Mirolyn to leave the City of Pietermaritzburg to plant a church in Sandton, the economic hub of South Africa. The mandate was confirmed through a series of prophecies and divinely orchestrated events which culminated in the launch of the ministry on the 19 February 2012.

Prior to the launch, the Lord had spoken to Pastor Thamo to host a conference in Sandton, a strategic location from which to release a new sound into the earth. From the 16th to 19th February 2012, more than 300 national and international delegates converged upon Sandton to attend the launch conference and to witness the birth of GATE Ministries Sandton. The conference was held at the Balalaika Hotel, located directly opposite the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, once again confirming that the ministry will be positioned in the economic centre of South Africa. The first official Sunday service of GMS, held on the 19th February 2012, had more than a hundred people in attendance. For the next 6 months a steadily growing congregation met weekly at the Balalaika Hotel, Oxford Room.

As the congregation grew it became necessary to find a suitable property that would become the GMS home. Pastor Thamo asked the congregation to spy out the land to find such a property. The only condition, which was not to be compromised under any circumstances, was that the property was to be located on the east side of Sandton. The reason for this specification was to be compliant to a word from the Lord given to pastor Thamo. The word is found in Ezekiel Chapter 43: 1-2, Then the man brought me to the gate facing east, and I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east. His voice was like the roar of rushing waters, and the land was radiant with his glory. GMS would have to be located on the east side of Sandton.

On the 24 June 2012, through prophetic direction and confirmation, a new home for GMS was found. Not surprisingly, it was located in Archimedes Street, Kramerville on the east side of Sandton. After extensive renovations the building was occupied in September 2012.

More information on the history of GMS is contained in this view this video which encapsulates the inception and the first 10 years of our history.