Sons Connect aims to produce a generation of youth who have their minds set on pioneering a ‘no compromise’ culture of righteousness and holiness in the midst of a present youth culture that is characterized by ungodliness and reckless behavior. The ministry focuses on creating exciting and appealing forums in which youth can encounter Christ. The principle of Youth is based on Luke 2:52 “And Jesus increased in wisdom (Intellect) and stature (Physical), and in favor with God (Spiritual) and men (Social)”

WE BELIEVE is a talk show hosted by Sons Connect. The purpose of the talk show is to create a platform that promotes dialogue in a free, non-judgmental and non-attributable atmosphere with a Christo-centric focus. The format is similar to a televised talk show, i.e. with a panel (drawn from the youth themselves) to lead certain discussion items. This is meant to assist young people to synthesize the word in their own way but guided by what “We Believe.” Monitor the calendar for upcoming events.