Household of faith

The ‘household of faith’ model is built on a strong conviction that GMS constitutes a ‘household of God’ that receives covering, spiritual input and direction from the spiritual father who has been set over the congregation by God. GMS could thus be accurately described as the household of Thamo & Mirolyn.

The understanding is that the congregation represents one family unit that comprises the church in Sandton. The congregation is further ‘redistributed’ into groups using geographic location as the primary criteria. Each group is built around the concept of a family unit and comes under the oversight of ‘spiritual parents’ who have been appointed by the Apostolic Elders Thamo and Mirolyn Naidoo to give leadership to their own ‘households’.

There are at present 20 house churches that have emerged from the corporate congregation, which are located in different geographic areas. These households of faith are representative of the corporate household of faith. Through these households of faith we want to pastor the cities of Gauteng. If you have not been placed in a house church kindly contact the office to locate a house church in your area.

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    Pastor Elders

    Chris Naidoo (Senior Pastor)

    Mongezi Hlangoti (Youth & Children)

    Ronette Perumal (Hospitality & Counselling)

    George Mkandawire (Counselling & Visitation)

    Regional Pastors

    The constellation of house churches falls under the oversight of Chris and Nirri Naidoo. In order to facilitate communication and ensure pastoral care, the house churches are grouped according to regions with a regional pastoral couple over each.


    George & Felie Mkandawire

     Contact Details

    • Kempton Park
    • Edenvale
    • Germiston
    • Boksburg.

    Denvor & Malini Govender

    Dr. Sam

    Dr. Kefilwe Hlabyago