This teaching is session 2 of the 3 part series on Kingdom Finances and its relationship to our Sonship. Pastor Randolph again, painstakingly reveals the heart of God to us in this matter.

In this teaching, we are taught that it is essential that we attempt to thoroughly align our financial behaviour with the expectation of God in scripture. Very often what God expects of us, he has already empowered us to do. In other words, God never ever expects one to do something based upon one’s own natural strength or ability. Rather, what God expects of you will exude out from an understanding, firstly, of who He is as your Father, and secondly, who you are as his firstborn son in Christ.

Our financial behaviour and decision making must therefore emanate from a deep understanding of its scriptural basis in order to appreciate the expectation of God in our giving. This approach will instil in us a culture of giving whereby our giving is out of sincere obedience as sons of God, and not for any other false reason.