This teaching is the final session of a 3 part series. The series focussed, to a large extent, on the aspect of the First Fruit offerings. Pastor Randolph explains that the teachings on First Fruits is a restorative work that God is doing in the life of the corporate Church. For the most part, the Church has been practicing two-fold giving in the expressions of tithes and offerings only. When First Fruit offerings are added to create ‘more excellent’ giving there is a representation of the divine nature.

Every aspect of our lives must comply with God’s predetermined righteous standards for how the sons of God should conduct their lives. Many sons of God claim that Jesus is lord of their life, however, when it comes to the sector of their finances, they are not willing to submit to the
principles of God vested in His word governing finances.

In this teaching Pastor Randolph refers to the Macedonian church as a case study of the dynamic between giving of resource, and being a partaker in grace.

This series is one that has brought Biblical alignment to the understanding of our identity as the Sons of God and the administration of Kingdom financial principles.