This teaching is part 1 of a 3 part series on sonship identity and Kingdom financial principles. In this session, Pastor Randolph Barnwell lays a biblical foundation that addresses the principles, the practice, and the promises attendant with 3-fold giving.

He emphasises that, in Kingdom economics, one’s attitude towards money reveals ones attitude towards God, and that the issue of finances is actually an issue about the heart. In fact, it can be said that one’s heart is located where one’s finances are directed to.

This session focussed on the First Fruit offering, as teachings on First Fruit offerings are relatively new and there is still much confusion on the teaching. Pastor Randolph traces the biblical and spiritual roots of First Fruit offerings all the way back to Abel’s offering presented to the Lord, as recorded in the Book of Genesis. He then explains the role and significance of the First Fruit offering, and how to ‘calculate’ the offering in the a non- agrarian context such as ours.

Teachings on finance in the Church is generally met with disdain. Pastor Randolph has the God-given ability to open up the scriptures and reveal the heart of God in how the sons of God ought to administrate their finances on the earth.