The message by Pastor Thamo presented today should be seen as a continuum of the previous two sermons. The first of those two sermons were preached last Sunday, (22nd March 2020) entitled ‘Build Your House Upon the Rock’. The second was preached as a sermonette on the recently launched Facebook platform, Thursdays with Thamo, in which he spoke about making our homes our Eden. Both these teachings are available at , and respectively.

In Today’s message to the GATE global family, Pastor Thamo appeals to the audience to bring their houses (homes) under the blood of the Lamb. This is how one seals one’s house against the enemy who comes to steal, kill and to destroy (John 10:10)

Just as a seal, in this case, a physical rock, was placed against the opening of the tomb of Jesus with the intent that the seal prohibited any unauthorised entry into the tomb, the seal of the blood over our houses will prohibit the entry of the destroyer into our homes. He will have to pass over our houses just as the Lord did not allow the destroyer to enter the houses where the blood was smeared on the doorposts on the night that the children of Israel left Egypt.

This message challenges our former understanding of ‘pleading the blood’ and ‘sprinkling the blood’ which was understood only in a ritualistic and ceremonial way. Pastor Thamo explains the working of the blood by unpacking Exodus chapter 12 and Luke 22:7 to explain how immunity, protection and preservation comes through the blood of Jesus, the sacrificial lamb.

This is an extremely important message for the perilous times in which we are living. Immunity is only available to houses found to be under the blood of the lamb where there is an understanding of the truth of the protective nature of the blood and not where statements like ‘I plead the blood’ is used as a magical formula.

Listen to the full message for a clearer understanding of this profound teaching.