In this session Pastor Thamo gets to the crux of the series that was introduced last Sunday. The series in entitled ‘Divine Judgments: Biblical Indictments Against Nations’.

In the absence of true repentance, it is inevitable that judgement will befall a people who turn their faces away from God. This series will unpack at least 10 ways in which the nations, including the Church as the Holy Nation, have turned their face away from the Living God. A critical point made in this session is that the Church is not immune from the judgements of God. 1 Peter 4:17 is alludes to this. It is of fundamental importance therefore, that if there is a judgment in the earth then it is expedient for each person to respond by becoming fully and totally compliant with the heavenly standards so that when we are judged, there will be nothing found against us. This is ultimately the purpose of this series. Pastor Thamo has stated that this series of messages are not meant to be a doomsday series that focuses on the dark, negative consequences of judgement. Rather, this series comes a warning from the heavens to realign to the divine paths, to re-establish the ancient landmarks, to get back to a deep love for God and His ways, and thereby to protect ourselves from God’s judgments.

As mentioned in today’s session, a few of the indictments that will cause judgement to come upon the earth are: rejection of God’s Word, the spirit of individualism and independence, the culture of entertainment in the church, philosophical preaching, etc. Ignorance of God’s Word is a major causative feature for these indictments against the Church. High levels of ignorance, masquerading as wisdom, have introduced foreign concepts into the Church such as leaders now seeing themselves as CEOs of the church and not as fathers over God’s people, false teachings such as the free grace and hyper grace thinking, and many other non-biblically aligned teachings to the extent that idolatry has crept into the Church.

There is a clarion call for the Church of Christ to come to a place of repentance. Biblical order must be restored. The heavenly design for mankind must be searched out and our lives must be brought back to the divine blueprint. If the Church adopts a ‘stiff neck’ position to this clarion call, then it does so at its own peril. God wants to restore our chaos to beauty but it is for us to respond with a heart of repentance and the seeking of His forgiveness.