This compelling series, now its 4th session, deals with the subject of divine judgements. At this stage of the series Thamo is dealing with judgments against the holy nation, the Church of Christ. In many ways the present day church has lost its way, in the same way that the nation of Israel lost its way in the days of the prophet Jeremiah, thereby incurring the judgements of God upon them. In that particular time in the history of Israel, the judgement brought upon the Israelites was a 70 year period of exile in Babylon. The indictment against the present day Church is that people have forsaken the ways of God. In fact, they do not know Him. As a result many churches carry the spirit of the orphan and the widow’s house as depicted by their state of desolation and isolation.

This session again remind us that divine judgment is not meant to be punitive. Instead, it is for correction, restoration and preservation. The corrective measures of God always emanate from God’s love for the Church, and for humanity. It is for the preservation of life, therefore, and not the destruction of it that God allows judgements, sometimes of catastrophic proportions to come upon the earth. It is not God’s intention to destroy mankind, however, in the absence of divine judgments humanity will self-destruct through its own wiles and imaginations.

One of the key indictments emphasised in today’s session is against the prosperity gospel. According to the Abrahamic covenant, the true church, operating by heavenly standards, was to be a blessing to all nations, but the prosperity gospel, which is a self-enriching and a false teaching, has brough deception and deceit into the Church. In this session, the prosperity gospel is exposed as a false, demonic, and delusional gospel. Prosperity, clearly, is a false indicator of successful spiritual living. Prosperity in itself is not wrong, but prosperity becomes evil when it is not shared with others, and God will judge people and ministries who live in prosperity but are deceived by prosperity.

Once again, leaders in the Body of Christ are reminded that leaders will be judged. The principle is that God will never judge a house without judging the one who leads it. Inaccurate leaders bring judgement not only upon themselves, but upon their people as well. The case studies of Achan (Joshua 7) and Korah (Numbers 16) are explicit examples of this. When leaders know and follow God’s ways, their people will follow the same ways.

If you want to understand divine judgments from a biblical viewpoint, and if you have a passion for the restoration of the true Church of Christ in the earth, listen to this session.