In this session, Thamo continues in the vein from last week’s teaching, with a particular focus on leaders. A profound principle expounded at the start of today’s session is that all of creation was divinely designed to be governed by a representative leader. Adam, as an example of this principle, was to represent God in the way he managed all of creation. In keeping with the principle, when sin entered the world God first required an explanation from Adam, then Eve, and lastly from the serpent.

God chooses leaders to work on behalf of him, and this message highlights the importance of such leaders and the role that leaders play in the order of the Kingdom of God on the earth. For the Church to be restored to divine order, the rod and the staff (authentic leadership) must return to the Church.

Leaders will be judged for their lack of understanding and their disregard for compliancy to the righteous, heavenly standards. Such leaders have created a situation whereby churches have become demon-infested places were false, lying spirits put on a show. In fact, God will judge false teachings and lying words because not all teachings presented by some leaders are from God. Just because a person can quote scripture does not mean that the message is from God. Even the devil can quote scripture! In addition, false teachers have created a convenient and lukewarm form of Christianity, even introducing interfaith views into the Church.

All is not lost, however. True prophets, like Jeremiah, come to uproot and eliminate false religious systems. But God never removes anything without restoring his original intent, and the apostolic season is a reformational season intent on restoring God’s governmental order back into His Church. True apostles, graced as skilled technicians, come to rebuild systems with accuracy according to divine patterns. In this context, true leaders will know how to present God to their people when the leaders are connected to apostolic resource.