In today’s session, Thamo is continuing with his discourse on divine judgements. Thus far the series had dealt with divine judgements against the Holy Nation – the Church of Christ.

We are now addressing the issues that will bring divine judgements against the nations of the world. The nations that will subject themselves to the judgements of God, are firstly, any nation that is opposed to the laws of God. Many nations today have chosen to adopt policies, laws and ideologies that are contrary to the sovereign laws of God. These policies, laws, and ideologies have taken such nations from a theocentric governance to anthropocentric governance systems. Such nations will be judged by God.
Secondly, God will judge any nation that arises itself against a people whom God has chosen to covenant with. In other words, anyone that rises up against the Church will be judged.

Among the many reasons for judgement to fall upon a nation, the following three were elaborated upon.

– God will judge nations for embracing the spirit of idolatry. Idolatry is not just the worship of a physical, inanimate objects. The idolatry in the nations today is in the crafting of their own imaginations instead of knowing the ways of God.

– God will judge nations for their demonic ideologies. Many churches have succumbed to some of the ideologies that come from the nations of the world and God will judge these nations for corrupting His people, as much as He will judge His people for accepting and bringing the corruption into their lives.

– God will confront people for violating the image of God in our bodies. Patricide, femicide, same-sex relations, abortions, etc are ways in which the image of God has been violated on our bodies.

This message must be listened to in its entirety to fully grasp the urgency of the times in which we live.