In this session Pastor Thamo brings to a close a riveting series entitled ‘Divine Judgments: Indictments Against Nations’. The writing of the prophet Jeremiah, who at great peril to himself, was obedient to the voice of God in sounding a warning to the nation of Israel and the surrounding nations of the impending judgements of God because of the erroneous ways which they had chosen to live, is the scriptural foundation for this set of sermons. The ways that the nations chose to live was not the ways of God, and for this deviation and disobedience, the nations were judged.

Continuing from the previous session, Thamo repeats the various indictments for which judgment may come upon a people. Among these are idolatrous positions fueled by demonic ideologies such as modernism, postmodernism, capitalism, socialism, existentialism, atheism, and other such ideologies which are contrary to, or are serious aberrations of divine order. Secondly, people will be judged for violating the image and likeness of God in our bodies. These grievous violations are seen in abortion, murder, hatred towards one another, prejudice, pornography, sexual perversions, etc.

Thamo further goes on to describe the spirit propagated by certain nations that will bring judgement upon those nations. The spirit of Egypt, for example, is a spirit of dualism. Geographically the country is divided into two sections by the Nile River and this is reflected also in the dualistic culture of its bipartisan view of life and ministry. The Israelites entered Egypt and were given the best of the land and were received with great hospitality, but they exited as slaves. The spirit of Egypt is also a sorcerous spirt which carries magical and mystical elements designed to captivate people into its hidden realm.

Thamo then goes on to describe the spirit of the Philistine, which is a wandering spirit that defies covenantal destiny. It is an individualistic spirit intent on dismembering the Body of Christ. The Spirit of Moab, which attacks patriarchy, the spirit of Amon, and others are also revealed in this teaching.

As this was the last session in the series, once again the reader is advised to listen to the entire series to fully appreciate the message on divine judgments.