Following on from the series of prophetic impressions as released by Pastor Thamo in the series entitled: The Emerging Church in Perilous Times, today’s session focusses on two essential aspects to consider to gain forward momentum in order to enter into the prophetic future of the church.

It cannot be assumed that because a declaration has been sounded from the heavens that a new anointing is coming upon the earth, that the anointing will automatically fall upon all. There will, unfortunately, be some who may disqualify themselves from the moves of God for reasons of disbelief, disobedience, lack of preparation, etc.

The first aspect discussed today was that of formation. The Kingdom of God is not characterised by random events, chaos, or confusion. The Genesis account of creation clearly informs us that the earth was without form and void….God, who is a God of order and structure, then created systems that brought form to a formless environment. Similarly, it is necessary that there is a process of formation that must take place within us in order to move into the prophetic future of the Church.

The second aspect is that of Salvation – It is unfortunate that unreformed thinking still considers salvation to be a once of event, considered to be the point at which one ‘gives their heart to the Lord’. Such an event is of much personal significance to an individual but we cannot afford to be stuck at that point. Our salvation must be ‘worked out’ meaning that it must be brought to completeness, or fruition. A deficient salvation will hinder forward momentum. We are required to work out our salvation with fear and trembling – Philippians 2:12.

Please listen to the full session in order to receive the impartation of the Lord’s Word.