Pastor George Mkandawire presents a message entitled, “In Christ – Grace to Emerge”. This message is aimed at equipping the listener with the necessary tools to emerge as the triumphant, glorious church in these perilous time.

Using the words of the prophet Zechariah (Zechariah 12:8) he highlights the sobering thought that the church could easily miss the window of opportunity to enter into the dimension as described by Zechariah. We have limited time to accomplish the mandate of the church. It is therefore essential to ask ourselves, what can prevent us from living up to the standard and prophetic destiny?

The crux of today’s teaching focuses on the ‘In Christ’ position. Pastor George sounds a warning that unless we are in the ‘In Christ’ position we cannot emerge as the authentic church upon the earth. He then shows that we can adopt a few positions that are close to the ‘In Christ’ position but is not really in Christ.

You are asked to listen attentively to the full message to understand what the ‘In Christ’ position really means, and how do we get there.