Today we were blessed to hear Pastor George Mkandawire share the Word of God with us. The message that he shared was entitled, ‘Isolate and Strike’ referring to the strategy of the enemy in that he will first isolate us from a family, then strike when we are most vulnerable. This message is part of a series of teachings currently being taught at GMS on migrating from individualism/independence/and isolation to spiritual family in the truest sense of the meaning.

Pastor George started by defining the word ‘brother’ in the original Hebrew meaning and revealed that the word brother is actually a picture of a strong wall. In the context of his message today, this strong wall represents protection. He then presented four essential, biblically-based points of how the enemy uses the ‘Isolate and Strike’ strategy.

The first strategy is that he attacks when one is alone. The temptation of Jesus when He was alone in the wilderness is a typical example of how Satan used the opportunity to tempt the Lord. The second strategy is that he waits until you are most vulnerable before he strikes. Thirdly, he strikes when you are tired or weary, and lastly, he attacks when you are in unfamiliar territory. All four of the above scenarios occur outside of the protection, provision, and fortitude provided in an environment of spiritual family. Pastor George substantiates all of the above using relevant scriptures. This message is packed with spiritual truth that when applied to our lives will become a practical way of living and embracing spiritual family and oneness.