In this session Pastor George Mkandawire presents a very practical and pastoral message to the GMS family.
The tendency to label adverse circumstances as a spiritual attack is a strong tendency among some believers. However, upon closer scrutiny, it is often found that a poor choice or a principle violation may be responsible for the situation.
The intent in the sermon presented by Pastor George is to highlight the point that it is each one of us who holds the keys in our hands to open up doors of opportunity for the devil to function. In other words, some of our choices and actions have negative consequences, and when we reap such consequences, we blame it on the devil.
The devil’s activity is based on our permission given to him through our actions.
We simply need to take accountability by admitting to our own mistakes and acts of indiscretion and not give the enemy more credit than he deserves!
Pastor George provides practical and relevant examples of daily life experiences in which we see the elements of this message played out.