In keeping with the current series, “Understanding the Satanic kingdom of Darkness”, Pastor Chris presents a teaching focusing on how our identity as sons of God make us worshippers of God and not worshippers of the god of the age, satan himself.

The approach to this series may seem a little unorthodox because we are not actually getting into a deep study of satanology or demonology as a subject in itself. The approach that we have chosen to use thus far has been to focus on who we are rather than who satan is.

Every plan of the enemy is to get us to question our identity as Sons of God.
If he can change our identity, or cause us to lose our identity which is the image and likeness of God, then we cannot worship God in spirit and truth. Pastor Chris, using scripture shows us the link between identity and worship. The children of Israel, as slaves in Egypt, could not worship their God in Egypt. Their identity as people of the covenant was changed to people of slavery. They had to leave slavery to regain their identity as people of the covenant. Those in Babylonian exile, also, could not worship their God because they were no more located in the promised land as a people of covenant. They had to return to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple in order to worship.

The point being made was that our identity is always at stake. Only as a people that have our identity in Christ can we stand against every attack of the enemy. As sons, therefore, we ought to focus preeminently on our Christology rather than on demonology. We trust that you will be blessed and enlightened as you listen further to this teaching.