In today’s session, the 3rd in the series, Pastor Thamo continues on the subject of spiritual discernment. This very timely message is one that is for every person in the body of Christ. Pastor Thamo emphatically stated that this message is for parents, for children, church leaders at all levels, and even for those in leadership positions in both the private and government leaders at various levels. This message is pertinent to every single one of us that has to make critical decisions because the decisions we make will ultimately determine our destiny.

Any crisis must produce the formation of Christ in us, yet the opposite occurs as many people falter and fail in a crisis because of poor judgment. This is largely caused by the lack of familiarity with the Word of God and the absence of a deep, intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. However, God is producing a people in this Apostolic season, who will have an acute sense of discernment. This session characterizes such a people.

They are a righteous people in the sight of God. This means that their righteousness is not only expressed in their behavioral patterns but also their state of existence. They are a people that have migrated beyond the milk of the Word to a place where they can consume and digest the meatier and weightier aspects of the Word of God and the Kingdom of God. They also love without prejudice because they have a passion for both the Word of God and for the people of God. These people also recognize apostolic grace in leaders that God has placed over the Church. They know how to receive and how to submit to apostolic leadership.

The Church of God is presently in the Valley of Decisions. There is a call for us to sharpen our spiritual discernment so that we may make biblically and spiritually sound decisions in order to live the life that God designed and intended for us to live.