In this session, Pastor Thamo summarises and closes a series of teachings entitled, Insights Into Understanding Biblical Judgement.

This Spirit of Judgement as defined in this series, is the ability to make wise decisions, to analyse and assess situations with the mind of God, and thus to adjudicate over matters with a spiritual intelligence that can only be received from God, through righteousness.
At the incipient stage of the series, and again in this session, Pastor Thamo emphasised the primary purpose for this teaching, which is to teach us, the Church, how to be accurately postured for the true spirit of judgement to be upon each one of us.

The earth is presently in a time of crisis. As far as the Church is concerned, we are living in the ‘valley of decisions’ where we need to know how to bring the blessings of God upon us and not to live our lives in an erroneous way so as to bring curses upon ourselves. Deuteronomy chapters 26-28 are the key portions of scripture used to highlight the two positions of blessings and cursing as represented in Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal respectively. The blessings of God are a direct consequence of obedience to the laws of God, whilst curses are the consequence of disobedience to the laws and imperatives of God.

A key thought shared in this session was that of the sin of individualism and independence. Such erroneous dispositions are not characteristic of the true Church of Christ. There is a call for corporate oneness that must materialise in the Body of Christ as a requisite for God’s blessings to be upon us. For that to happen, church leaders must make judicious decisions in regards to connecting to legitimate apostolic leadership in order to bring the mind of God, the doctrine of Christ, and the culture of heaven back to earth.

This session closes with the call to repentance. It is imperative that every individual and every church leader repent of the error of our ways. God is calling His Church back to holiness, back to righteousness, back to Him.

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