Pastor Mongezi presents a message that can be construed as a continuation of the Resurrection Sunday message. He presents a Bible centred discourse on what it means to Live from Above. The principle is that whilst we live on the earth we exist from the heavens and must therefore be governed from above.

Using familiar portions of scripture such as the conversation between Nicodemus and Jesus, Pastor Mongezi explains how we live in resurrected life, or in the ascended position. This position is also referred to as the Zion position, indicating a position that is elevated and full if light. He also unpacks what is means to be seated with Christ in Heavenly places. That is, our mindsets, dispositions, and our actions are to reflect the heavenly culture and standards and not the earthly standards.

This message will provoke your thinking and force you to question your spiritual location, as to whether you are located and existent only in an earthly dimension, or whether you are located in a Zion place. Zion is symbolically the meeting place of the heavens and the earth, described as the highest place on the earth and the lowest place of the heavens.

As the sons of God, this is the elevated place from which we function.