In today’s sermon Pastor Chris provokes the listener to answer a few questions;
– Do we handle the Word of God as if it is our greatest asset?
– Is the Word of God exalted above everything else in our lives?
– Are we underestimating the value of the Word in our lives?

The Word of God is our greatest asset, yet many have reduced the value of the Word to only that which is contained in the canon of scripture, believing that if one quotes a scripture here and there, that we are engaging with the Word of God.

Pastor Chris used various scriptural references to highlight that Christ is the incarnate logos, the Word that was made flesh. Likewise, the Word must become flesh in us in order that the pre-existent Word is made visible in the temporal, for the temporal to enter into the eternal.

We are instructed, as Paul instructed his spiritual son Timothy, to be diligent with the Word of truth, to be able to rightly handle the Word of God. Regretfully, there is much abuse and misuse of scriptures today in the same way that Moses abused the Word of God in the wilderness by striking the rock (a picture of Christ) when God asked him to speak to the rock.

The church of God must return to placing the highest value on the Word of God.

Please listen to the full teaching to apprehend the gravity of this message.