Pastor Thamo is currently doing a series on the Biblical Principles of the Passover. The key focus of this series is that immunisation comes through the application of the principles of the Passover. The teachings are not advocating the celebration of the actual Passover meal and traditions but rather the Biblical and eternal principles instituted by God for the preservation and immunisation of His people. We need to learn how to bring these Passover principles into our homes so that we can receive God’s Immunization

Pastor Thamo emphasises the importance of the Word in our lives. God’s Word must become a practical reality in our lives. In fact, the Passover can only be celebrated in households that love the Word of God.

In previous sessions on this series, Exodus chapter 12 formed the key scriptural basis of the teaching as this chapter depicts the first Passover. In today’s teaching Pastor Thamo refers to a New Testament account of the Passover that Jesus shared with His disciples the night in which he was betrayed. Luke 22:7 -23. This portion of scripture is loaded with imagery, that when decoded, reveals to us deeper truths and principles of celebrating the true Passover, which is Christ Himself, the Passover lamb.

We invite you to listen to this session as Pastor Thamo unpacks the aspects of preparation of the Passover, sabbath rest, the sacrificial lamb, the upper room, and many other principles that will bring you into a greater understanding of the true Passover.