This is session 2 of the series, ‘Passover Principles for Immunization of your Households’. In this series, Pastor Thamo is delving into the Exodus chapter 12 account of the first Passover feast, and extracting the principles that God instituted for the children of Israel to be immunized against the plague of the death of the firstborn. The principles of Passover are critical to our well-being in the current crisis and beyond it.

In today’s message, the emphasis is on living a life of order. There is a need to move away from mystical and superstitious religion where one thinks that just quoting scripture or pleading the blood will protect us. We must architecturally structure our lives to live according to the apostolic design of God for our lives.

Pastor Thamo expounds three key actions from Revelation 12:11. They overcame because:
-of the blood of the lamb
-the word of their testimony
-they did not love their life even to death

our overcoming of the attacks of our arch-enemy, the devil, is through the proper understanding and application of these 3 actions. Each of these actions must be ordered, structured, and embedded constitutionally into our lives.

In this message Pastor Thamo also defines the judgments of God. He explains that the judgements of God are not always punitive but restorative. The ultimate purpose of judgment is to bring us back to divine order. The flood in the days of Noah, for example, was a judgment of God that came to reset the earth.
The resetting that is required in this present crisis of the earth, is that we return to divine order.

Please listen to the entire message to fully grasp these and other truth principles that are so aptly relevant for the days in which we live.