In today’s message Pastor Chris Naidoo recaps some of the dominant thoughts shared in the previous series entitled ‘Resetting our Focus’. Essentially this means recalibrating of our internal compass by dealing with issues of the heart. A key verse expounded during the series was Hebrews 10:5.

“Sacrifice and offering You did not desire,
But a body You have prepared for Me (NKJV)

“Preparation for Greatness” focuses on a very key principle that everything in the economy of God works on the foundational principle of preparation. “God took a prepared man (Adam) and placed him a prepared place (The Garden)”.

Accentuating the ramifications of being ‘unprepared’ and the creeping in of the spirit of rebellion in a priestly order, Pastor Chris Naidoo unpacks an “anaemic church”, a church that faces a greater attack from within than from outside.

Reemphasising the principle of acquiescence, which is the ‘the reluctant acceptance of something without protest’, it is the nature of acquiescence that will fight rebellion and pride, which is the precursor to rebellion. All rebellion starts with pride. He describes a proud heart as a blank canvas for the devil to do anything that he wants to, but humility protects us like a shield.

Be sure to view this message on the channel and take your first steps towards having a prepared body to do God’s will.

Be blessed.