This message is the second in a series of highly impartational sessions on resetting our focus for 2020 and beyond. Pastor Thamo reiterated that the purpose of these presentations are to frame our thoughts and to direct our spirits not just for 2020 but for 2020 and beyond.

The emphasis in today’s message is on building a culture of compliance to God’s Word. At a particular point in the history of the nation of Israel, God gave to Moses patterns, templates and regulations that became the tools to manage, regulate and govern the people while they were in a very harsh and hostile environment called the wilderness. As long as the people remained compliant, they were protected.

In this message Pastor Thamo provides us with the biblical principles that are required for joyful and successful living in this world. This is achieved by living in total compliance to, and by placing our hope in God’s Word. The culture of acquiescence is defined as the unrestrained compliance. This Word must be the anchor to our souls.

May you be blessed and built up as you view this session.