In this session Pastor Thamo brings to a close this life-altering series of 5 sessions. The fundamental drive of this series was to ‘frame our mindsets’ as we navigate our journey through life in 2020 and beyond. We are all on pilgrimage, and in order to be successful in this pilgrimage we must choose the narrow way for that is the best way. It is the way of angels. We are reminded that on this journey of pilgrimage, even though all kinds of challenges may befall us, the Word of God will sustain us.

One of the key areas of teaching in this series was to ‘strengthen weak hands’ – Hebrews 12:12. Pastor Thamo, again emphasizes that hands represent our lives, and hence the importance of having clean hands. i.e. hands that have been washed in the Word of God. The hands (life) that we lift in worship must be clean.

The second key area, integrally related to the first, is to have a clean and contrite heart. Pastor Thamo explains how grace is blocked in our lives when our hearts are not clean. He also exhorts on the negative effects when there is unbelief in our hearts. Unbelief handcuffs God and suffocates miracles. Unbelief is one of the biggest enemies of the Church today.

This message will reform the way we live our lives. Please take the time to view this teaching on the channel and you are guaranteed to have a new perspective.

Be blessed