‘That which God knew, in the beginning, will inevitably become a reality at the end’

This statement forms the basis of much of this message by Dr Sam Soleyn as he gives biblical and prophetic perspective to the present epidemic upon the earth. Dr Soleyn emphasis that the Church must be very intentional in its pursuit and understanding of the original intent of God in making mankind, and for the earth. A fundamental principle in this understanding is that everything in heaven and earth exists to support what God originally intended.

God is presently aligning both the natural family and the spiritual family to His divine order, and in that context there are shakings that are taking place according to Hebrews 12:26.
It is also important to note, that the shakings that take place in an epoch are pertinent to that particular epoch, hence we must apprehend what God is currently saying to His creation through the present crisis.

Through our trials, the Church must obtain a renewed sense of faith and a deeper understanding of trust in the living God.