This session is a continuation of a message started last week – From Individualism to Family. God is judging the spirit of individualism and returning His Church to an original, ancient landmark. Last week Pastor Thamo laid a platform for this teaching and in this session, he goes deeper into the praxis of what was said in the introductory session.

The key point covered in this session is that natural families must be connected covenantally to spiritual families. Pastor Thamo explains that the holistic well-being of the natural family is dependent on their level of connection to the spiritual family. When this connection takes place, the spiritual house then becomes a spiritual resource centre to the natural family and they consequently have access to the privileges that God wants for them. This model is part of the original blueprint of God.

The process starts with restoring divine order in the natural family. Marriages must be based on biblical principles, and as with the relationship between a husband and a wife, so too must relationships between children and parents comply with biblical principles and standards.

This message must be approached with heavenly intelligence. In other words, any attempt to understand this message through personal interpretations and opinions will not achieve the desired result. It is essential that the listener follow the mind of God on these matters.