In this series, we are studying how God builds His purposes, through His people, in the earth. The primary methodology is that God is shifting us from an individualistic, isolated, and event-centred idea of how we should gather, to learning how to gather as a family. Last week, the emphasis was on the need for every biological, or natural family/individual to be connected to a spiritual household. This is divine order – as heaven rules over the earth, the spiritual family is the resource centre for the well-being and the sustainability of the natural families or individuals in the earth.

In this session Pastor Thamo spoke about the wineskin. Read Matthew 9:14 -17.
The wineskin is the system, the structure, the medium, the vehicle, the hard drive etc. It is more than just a mentality. The wineskin is God’s family – called the church. And through His Church, God establishes His purposes
There are blessings prepared for us. But the blessings will not be provided to us as individuals- the blessings are corporate when we attach to a spiritual household within the bond of oneness and covenant.