In this session Pastor Thamo summarises the past three teachings focussing on building the spiritual family of God. The need for the spiritual family of God on the earth to be established is for the engagement of the corporate anointing, the full house of spiritual blessings that God had designed for us to enjoy. Last week the emphasis was on the wineskin. The wineskin represents the structure, the medium, the mechanism, or the vehicle through which God establishes his purposes in the earth. God has chosen to put His new wine into families. One is advised to listen to last week’s teaching on the ‘New Wineskin’.

God is judging the spirit of isolation or independence. He is judging the personality-driven kind of religion. Matthew 7;21-23 assists the reader in understanding what is a personality-driven. Another very important aspect covered was that of baptism. Baptism is symbolic not only of the death of the old nature and the putting on of the new nature, but when we are baptized into Christ we are baptized, or immersed, translated, or transported into the family of God