Pastor Thamo has, for the past four weeks, been speaking on the need for the transition from individualism, independence, and isolation to spiritual family. In doing so, he has laid a solid doctrinal foundation dealing with this particular subject.

In today’s service Pastor Chris continues with the same theme, focusing on the aspect of individualism, independence, or isolation, and why some people choose the life of individualism, independence, and isolation over the life of covenantal connection to a spiritual family. Some of the reasons cited for this erroneous choice could be past hurts, the fear of getting too close to people, pride, personality types, etc. However, none of these reasons stand up to the Kingdom requirements for a spiritual family to be formed in the earth that possesses a level of oneness at the same level of oneness that exists in the Godhead.

Two key points are made in this teaching. Firstly, a solitary life should never be a choice or a state that we should be comfortable with, simply because we were never designed for it. Isolation, independence, and individualism are detrimental to the church, yet it can be packaged in a way that appeals to the human nature. It can never, however, appeal to the divine nature because the divine nature is plurality in oneness as reflected in the statement, ‘Let us make man in our image’. The second key point is that individualism will not get us anywhere in the Kingdom of God. The rich, young ruler, (Matthew 19:16) and the sons of Zebedee (Mathew 20:20) are examples of people who approached Jesus with an individualistic, self-centered mindset. They did not receive what they asked for.

The requirement of God is that we, His sons, make a conscientious and spirit-led move from an individualistic, independent, and isolated paradigm, to fully embracing the oneness of the spiritual family called the Church of Jesus Christ!