In this message, Pastor Thamo shares his thoughts with us on the present times. He reiterated that we are living in extremely perilous times, however, those who carry the seal of God will be protected. Pastor Thamo also lamented on the fact that many people have not grasped the seriousness of the pandemic, and are not viewing this as a testing or judgement from God. Regrettably, people have not learned to be circumspect and to remain connected to God during this time.

We were reminded of two pivotal sets of teachings released in the early stages of the pandemic. The first being the teachings on Passover Principles and the second being the principle of waiting patiently for the floods to subside, and we do know that the flood was a judgment of God upon the earth, until Noah opened the door of the ark. There is a plea to go back and study previous teachings.

In terms of the new year, Pastor Thamo gave the following perspective: 2020 was the year of preparedness. 2021 should be a season where we emerge from our preparedness to display the splendour and the magnificent glory of the Lord Himself. In this year Isaiah chapter 60 should become a reality to us. It’s the year in which we ‘Arise and Shine’.