In this session Pastor Thamo continues to further expound on the foundational thoughts that were presented in the preliminary session of this particular series.
The essence of this series is that God is raising His son in the earth. The Son is a Spiritual Man, corporate in nature, and led by the Holy Spirit. The Son that is being raised is an accurate representation of Jesus Christ.

This teaching, based on Luke 2:52, describes the Son – the Spiritual Man, as one who is fully complete in the four areas of development. For the Spiritual Man to be fully formed there must be complete formation in the areas of the intellect – the mind, the physicality – the body, the social aspect – relational, as well as spiritual formation – relationship with God. The premise is that as we develop in these four areas, individually and corporately, Christ will emerge in the earth.

Pastor Thamo announced that the Church is about to enter into a new epoch. To enter this epoch requires a unique kind of people on the earth. A people that have decided to live by a heavenly standard of righteousness. They are not extremists in any way, but they live an uncompromised life, totally sold out to God as their Father. Such a people live by the Spirit and the Word. It is therefore absolutely imperative to develop a deep and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit

This set of teachings is developing into a powerful, prophetic set of apostolic direction and insight for the present-day Church of God.

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