In this session, the 4th in the series, pastor Thamo is presenting to us in a very conversational, yet prophetic manner, that God is raising a corporate son in the earth. The core of the teachings this far is that the corporate son that is being raised is made up of individuals who will be an accurate representation of Christ as described in scripture in Luke 2:52. The person who has grown and become fully developed in the four areas of development is a well balanced individual engaging both the heavenly and the earthly realms without compromising a heavenly standard of righteousness.

Pastor Thamo gave perspective to the fact that there is an element of paradox in this teaching which must be understood. The paradox is that even though we are in this period of lockdown due to the present pandemic, and we are to an extent ‘hidden away’, yet it is in this time that a Church will emerge to be a light in this dark world. From a hiding place, a river will emerge. There is an apostolic commissioning of the faithful that is taking place meaning that God will not use everyone who claims to be Christian. God will use those who are totally obedient to His ways, those who are led by the Spirit and the Word.

A key principle expounded in today’s session is that prophecy is cyclic in nature. Isaiah 60: Arise, shine, for your light has come….is a prophetic reference to Jesus Christ – the light of the world. However, this portion of prophetic scripture is also about to be fulfilled in a corporate son, the Church, that will arise and shine as we become the light to the present darkness in the world. God is going to illuminate our lives with the revelation of who He is.

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