In this series, now in its 6th session, Thamo is steadily painting a prophetic picture of an emerging Church. In previous sessions, he described the emerging Church as the Corporate Son, the Son of God, or the Spiritual Man. These terms refer to people (ecclesia) who have returned to the ways of the Lord, thus initiating a promised response from God that He will not forget His promises to His people, and will therefore return to His people. The scriptural and prophetic basis for this assertion is Zechariah 8:3 in which the Lord says that He will return to Zion, and will dwell in the midst of Jerusalem…

The return of the Lord to His Church is evidenced by divine blessings, favour, mercy, compassion and the full host of divine promises designated to a people who have chosen to live according to the precepts of God, and who live in total compliance with the heavenly standard of righteousness.

The imagery of the High Priest attired in filthy garments, as described in Zechariah 3, was expounded upon. God is about to re-clothe us in light (Isaiah 61). In the re-clothing in garments of light, there is a fresh anointing that is coming upon the Church of God. However, it must be noted that there is no anointing that comes to anoint us if there is no assignment at hand. The church has an assignment to finish upon the earth and God is about to anoint us as His Church to finish the assignment.