In this session Pastor Thamo provides more detailed insight into the subject of the anointing that is coming upon the church of Christ. In the previous session, we learnt that anointing is related to an assignment. Any anointing that is released is for a particular assignment. The scriptures that support this statement is Isaiah 61 and Luke 4:18-19.

All anointings are released from the throne of heaven. For the anointing to work in our lives, on the earth it must be contained, or administered, according to heavenly systems and standards. The anointing cannot be administered by engagement through earthly popular, ideological, cultural, or other systems of the world. We are required to cleanse ourselves in preparation for the anointing that is to come upon the body corporate – the Church of Christ.

Pastor Thamo then went on to name and describe the anointing that will rest upon the Church for the days ahead. Even though Judah was the fourth born son to Jacob, the scriptures show how through various circumstances in the divine plan of God, the tribe of Judah is elevated above the other tribes to lead the Israelites into their next phase in their journey in God. This is the tribe that will, amongst other great people, produce David and eventually culminate in the birth of Jesus Christ, the messiah. The Judah anointing is the anointing of the present-day move of God in the earth.
The apostolic season is caricatured in the Judah anointing because just as the Judah anointing is a leading anointing, the apostolic season leads the movements of God. It tells the Church what God is doing in the earth, and it guides the Church through these movements of God.

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