In this session Pastor Thamo brought to a close a nine part series entitled, The Emerging Church in Perilous Times. This series has given us a prophetic glimpse into the heart of God for His Church. It would be imprudent to attempt to summarise the series in this short narrative, the reader is well advised to invest his or her time and effort in viewing the entire series.

In the closing session, we were again taken on a journey through Matthew 21, to study the scriptural narrative of Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem. This portion of scripture is loaded with information, which when interpreted by the Spirit of God, reveals how Christ will be ‘carried’ into our contexts and environments, and ultimately into the nations of the world.
The Mathew 21 narrative, together with the parallel verses in the synoptic gospels, were exegeted to reveal the nature of the anointing that must be displayed in present times for the Christ to come into both the city and into the Temple. In the historical context of the scriptures, Jesus entered into the City of Jerusalem and then entered into the temple in the city. Thamo defines the city and the temple in the present-day context.
Issues of religiosity and the fall of religious systems were presented as the true church arises in the Father and Son wineskin, as represented by the donkey and colt relationship.

Prophetically speaking, the Church of God is entering into an epoch of unprecedented favour. The glory of God will be present and made evident at a level not seen or known in our generation. However, two warnings were issues in this session as well. Firstly, the dark forces will arise to thwart the process but we as the sons of God must prevail. Secondly, there will be a falling away of some who through disbelief or disobedience will disqualify themselves from the coming consummate anointing, called the Judah anointing.

The series has been a clarion call from the heavens. It is now time for the formation to take place in our lives as we prepare for the glory of the Lord to cover the earth, as the water cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). Arise Church, Arise and Shine…