We are now in session 8 of the series, ‘The Emerging Church in Perilous Times’. The series has built up progressively from the early teachings on the formation of the Spiritual Man, the Corporate Son, who is formed and perfected by attending to the four aspects of holistic development as modelled in the life of Jesus, scripturally recorded in the Gospel of Luke 2:52.

The series has progressed to prophetically declare that upon such a corporate son, an anointing will rest that will cause the true Church of God to arise and shine. This Church will be a witness of Christ to the world.

At this point in the series, Pastor Thamo is unpacking the nature of the anointing that is coming upon the Church – the Judah Anointing. Using the tribe of Judah as a case study we see how God has arranged us into a community according to the order, or the system of Melchizedek. The Judah anointing has order, structure, and divine purpose; every attribute that the Church of today requires in order to return to its original mandate.

Judah, by birth, had no leadership right nor privilege. By prophetic insight, however, the patriarch Jacob blessed each one of his twelve sons (Genesis 49) and the blessing of Judah was to be endowed with a leadership anointing. The type of leadership anointing that fell upon Judah was to lead the people in the ways of God through a line of leaders, which will include David, until the presentation of Christ into the earth – the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

To fully apprehend the contextual nature of the Judah anointing, and its workings for the future of the Church, one is advised to listen to the teachings entitled the Mantle of Changing Seasons, released at the incipient stages of the present Apostolic season. It is regarded as a sentinel set of teachings and must be listened to again and again.

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