The book of Revelation is one that is often shied away from. Pastor Thamo starts this session by saying that the book of Revelation is a book that needs to be unveiled. It is as if the curtain has to be shifted so that we can look into the mind of God to see how God construes of things. The book of Revelation is not just a book of the future. It is a summary of developments that have taken place historically, but it is also a prophetic book in that it speaks of things to come, some of which may have already taken place since its writing.
In today’s session, Pastor Thamo spends much time expounding the two types of marks. The first being the mark of God referred to in Revelation 7:3 and the second being the mark of the beast as depicted in Revelation 14:9.

It is not uncommon to hear messages on the mark of the beast, the 666, but seldom does one hear messages on the mark, or the seal, that is placed upon the Children of God.
Very few people have developed a faith where their faith informs them of a mark that they have already received when they came to know Christ. Pastor Thamo explains how this mark is a seal that protects us and brings us into a very unique position with God.

Pastor Thamo demystifies the seal by stating what it is not. It is not a tattoo or a physical mark on one’s forehead, it is not a microchip or a computer program, neither is it brainwashing. The seal is an ATTITUDE of the mind.

The ones who have this seal are people who have not allowed themselves to be seduced by the spirit of the world nor to become prisoners to the culture of seduction that is in the world.

THESE ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE COMPLETELY DEDICATED TO THE LORD. They are the true sons of God. He also goes on to show how the seal offers protection and preservation in times of judgement.

Pastor Thamo, in this session, also expounds the beast to the listener. He reveals the two beasts referred to in the book of Revelation, the one being the beast that rises out of the sea representing the one world order, and the second beast that arises out of the land representing the false religious system of the world. For a Biblical insight into these subjects please listen to the full teaching.