Last week pastor Thamo concluded his teaching by introducing the two beast systems that are depicted in Revelation chapter 13. The first is the beast that arises from the sea, the abyss of darkness, and that beast represents an emerging sociopolitical governmental order, also known as the one-world system. The second beast arises from the land, and that beast represents a false religious system on the earth.

In today’s session, Pastor Thamo continues to unpack from the scriptures, the description and the methodology of the beast systems. He expounds on how the beast comes subtly, sublimely and strategically, not from outside but from within the Church, to oppose the authentic Church of Christ. He reveals how the Church in Revelation chapter 14 as depicted by the woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and the garland of 12 stars evolve into the harlot riding on a beast in Revelation chapter 17. This speaks about a church that has slipped away from its glorious ascended position to a church that has been corrupted and contaminated by a culture that promotes the worldly ideologies of apostacy, idolatry and wicked works.

After exposing the beast system and throwing some light on the definition and culture of the antichrist, Pastor Thamo then starts to introduce the listener to the true Christ order. This will be further unpacked in the weeks to come.

Listening to this timely message is crucial for one’s revelation and understanding of the present times.