This message is session 3 of the series entitled The Mark, The Beast and Anti-Christ. In previous sessions, Thamo has dealt with aspects of the mark of God – the divine seal, and the mark of the beast.

In this message, the focus is on the Christ and the Anti-christ systems. The purpose of today’s teaching is to bring definition and purpose to what it means to be IN Christ, and how we define the antichrist system. The premise is that if we understand how the anti-christ system operates in the world then we will understand how we should operate in the Body of Christ.

A key statement made and expounded further from scripture is that the anti-christ system is not just masquerading in the world. It is in the church! The anti-christ system is described as a socio-political system and a religious system that is very subtly working in the mentality of believers. It’s a system of ideology that has ingrained itself into the church where it has created a hybrid of a Christian. Gnostic and docetic views are still in the church today.

Having exposed the false ideological system of the anti-Christ, Pastor Thamo then reveals through scripture what it means to be IN Christ. The in-Christ position is more than being a member of a church. It is more than calling yourself a Christian. Listen to this teaching for more.