Pastor Thamo begins today’s message with referencing his Thursday broadcast. In the broadcast, he speaks of words the Lord gave him “Contend for the Faith” He proceeds by saying that Faith is more than statements of positive thinking or positive confession but an analytic process of revisiting our own beliefs and religion. Faith is the very essence upon which the eternal is built.

Pastor Thamo briefly speaks about how while there is a dimension of mystery in the written Word, there is more so a practical side to the Word of God that we need to experience and exercise. He speaks on the practical book of James; Faith without works is dead. Our faith needs to be informed by the way we live our lives on the earth. Thamo drives the point that Faith needs to become an incarnational reality. As sons of God, we need to learn how to function in the operational culture of heaven that is not affected by difficult conditions or circumstance in the earth.

Pastor Thamo uses a case study from the book of 2 Corinthians 8.
The Macedonians are used to describe how a church that was going through great hardship, deep poverty amongst other afflictions, they stayed connected to grace that ensured an abundance of joy that led to freedom and thriving in the midst of their despair.

Joy and Grace are directly related to freedom. The Macedonians could’ve been in bondage however they were not enslaved because they were sustained by the flow of grace. They learnt that environment did not dictate their freedom, that a body could be laid down but the spirit will thrive. The Macedonian church developed the culture that sonship and selflessness is the freedom that the world could not give.

In this time, we cannot be governed by fear but freedom in the Lord. We should be connected to a source of grace where joy will be a manifestation in our lives. The Macedonian church was a church in deep poverty yet they sought to give off themselves in the midst of their lack. They first gave themselves to the Lord and then to apostolic leadership that sustained an environment of Grace.

Great provisions will come to those that know how to sustain environments of Grace.

Stay tuned for the next session as Pastor Thamo teaches us how a little can become much and how to generate an environment of favour and grace.