In today’s session Pastor Mongezi picks up where Pastor Chris ended last week’s message. We were reminded, in last week’s session, that our greatest asset is the Word of God, and that it is imperative that we place a premium value on the Word of God in our lives by ‘rightly handling’ the Word (2 Tim 2:15)

Pastor Mongezi unpacks what it means to rightly handle the Word of God. He alludes to the mindset, the attitude, and the predisposition that a believer must have towards the Word of God.

Using several scriptures as case studies Pastor Mongezi extracts the principles and lessons learned in how to handle the Word of God. For example, the hostility of the Jews towards Paul’s preaching of the Word of God. He also highlights the difference in response to Paul’s teachings by the Thessalonians who rejected the Word, and the Bereans who were ‘more fair-minded’ than those in Thessalonica and they received the Word with all readiness.

It is common practice amongst some to search the scriptures with ulterior motives and not with the pure motive of searching the heart of God in the Word of God. Listening to this exposition will help us to develop the right attitude and skills in handling the Word of God.