In this session Pastor Thamo introduces a new series of teachings entitled ‘Understanding the Satanic Kingdom of Darkness’. As is Thamo’s modus operandi, he begins by building the framework for what will follow in future sessions.

The backdrop to this set of teachings is the series – The Emerging Church in Perilous Times. It is to be expected that the glorious emerging church will face vigorous opposition from the kingdom of darkness. It is essential, therefore, that believers are not ignorant of the intent and strategy of Satan. It is necessary, however, that in order to survive the attempts of satan to thwart the divine destiny of humanity that we develop a divine intelligence to overcome the plans of the enemy.

The aim of the series, as explained by Pastor Thamo, is to make the listener knowledgeable on how the kingdom of darkness operates. The aim of this series is not to draw attention to the persona of Satan or to accord him any undue glory or attention. Rather, much attention will be given to understanding the executive position of the Church of Christ, the heavenly benefits of salvation, and knowing our mandate in the world. Simply put, this series will not give extensive attention to satan, but these teachings will focus on our Kingdom identity and the Kingdom authority bestowed upon us to accomplish a Kingdom mandate. It is quite obvious to see that even the Bible does not accord much attention to satan.

This promises to be another timely and relevant series released to the church as we prepare for the great and wonderful days which are ahead of us. We encourage you to follow the series intently as we delve further into the subject matter.