After a short detour to address the political unrest that took place in South Africa, Pastor Thamo resumes the series, ‘The Satanic Kingdom of Darkness’, in today’s session.

We are reminded that the intent of this series is not to do a detailed study on satan. The intend of this series is rather to educate and inform the church on the primary intent of satan, which is to remove us from our legal position in Christ, and further to this, the intent of the series is to enlighten the church on the strategy that the enemy will use to accomplish his purposes.

The key thought explored in today’s session is that satan comes to steal. In this sense, he is referred to as a kleptocrat. Every attribute or character of the enemy, described as the tempter, the tester, the accuser, etc. has one purpose and one purpose only, which is to steal the life of God from the children of God by stealing our minds, our hearts, our blessings, etc. He does this through stealth and deception.

Pastor Thamo uses two portions of scripture to expound on this teaching. The first is the parable of all parables, that of the sower and the seed to portray how satan steals the Word of the Lord that does not fall on good ground. We are strongly advised, as the sons of God, to jealously guard the Word of God within us.

The second portion of scripture that was expounded was Malachi 3. A careful study of Malachi 3 reveals how our actions result in the theft of our blessings.