This is session 13 of the series, Understanding the Satanic Kingdom of Darkness.

In today’s session, Pastor Thamo presents an apostolic understanding of the kingdom of darkness. It is important to understand that the kingdom of darkness operates by infiltrating structures of governance, administration systems, and executive and jurisdictional systems of the world. The strategy of satan is to invade legitimate systems and to create alternate systems to keep people entrapped in those very systems.

Continuing from last week, Pastor Thamo further expounds the parable of all parables, that of the sower and the seed, to show how the different types of ground, which is reflective of different characteristics in the listener, determines whether the Word is snatched away from us or not. The greatest asset that we have is the Word of God and it is required of us, especially in the perilous times in which we live, to jealously and protectively guard the Word with is.

The key example used to elaborate on this point was Malachi chapter 3. The entire book of Malachi shows a Kingdom of God system, that of tithes and offerings, and how people violated the system by robbing God of tithes and offerings. This portion of scripture is often read from one context only, which is money or giving. However, this teaching will challenge you to see money, and the giving or hoarding of money, more from an eternal principle perspective than a currency perspective. By not keeping to the Kingdom principles, a devourer took away the blessings of the nation. The key point being made, amongst other very pertinent principles, is that the devouring spirit attacks our productivity.