In this session Pastor Thamo closed the current series entitled, ‘Understanding the Satanic Kingdom of Darkness’. The 14-part series took us on a journey starting from the understanding of our own identity in Christ into understanding the intent of satan to remove us from our original purpose in God. Pastor Thamo went on to reveal the strategies that the enemy will use to accomplish his intent.

In this session he speaks to us about the intent of the enemy to test leaders in the Church of Christ. Satan wants to remove leaders so that he can occupy those positions. His intent is to bind strong leaders. The words that Jesus said to Peter, informing him that satan has desired to sift him as wheat, is true to this day in that satan desires to test leaders.

Pastor Thamo used a number of case studies to present the intent of satan to infiltrate the church by deposing of leaders through a testing process. Revelation chapter 2 is one such case study wherein we find that the church in Perganum was a church where satan had a throne. The leader, Antipas, who is described as a faithful witness of God was killed among this church. The message is that when leaders are removed, satan sets up his throne in that environment.

We trust that you have been blessed by this series. Please note that all previous sessions are available on our YT channel and the website.