Last week Pastor Thamo commenced a series of teachings, Understanding the Satanic Kingdom of Darkness. The intent of this series is not to do an in-depth study of satan or demonology, nor is it intended to give undue attention to the kingdom of darkness. The purpose of the series is to educate the listener on the schemes and strategies of the enemy, but more importantly to know how we overcome the schemes and strategies of the kingdom of darkness by living in our complete identity as a son of God, not a son of the world.

Today’s message was focussed largely on the divine role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The Work of the Holy Spirit is described for us succinctly in John 16:5 -12. In this portion of scripture, the Holy Spirit is our helper (Parakletos – One who walks alongside), and our advocate. He comes to aid/assist us in this present life because he has the legal right to advise us and counsel us. In doing so He helps us in our understanding of how to connect two worlds, the earth and the heavens, the seen and the unseen. Pastor Thamo emphasises the absolute necessity of developing an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.

In this session Pastor Thamo also spoke about the warfare of information. We live in an age where all sorts of information is being released through various platforms, but not all information is absolutely true. Satan, the father of lies, working through the strategies of deception is at work using the information overload to deceive and distract many people. The Holy Spirit, however, will guide us into ALL truth. It is vitally important that each one of us know how to acquire the truth, and the absolute source for truth is the Holy Spirit who reveals the mind of God through the Word of God.

Listen to the full teaching here.