After a two-week break in the series, ‘ Understanding the Satanic Kingdom of Darkness’, Pastor Thamo continues with session 4 of the series.

His approach to the subject is to increase our understanding of what it means to be in Christ, and how, from that position, we should contend with the opposition forces headed by satan himself. The requirement, as emphasized in these sessions, is for us to increase our personal and corporate understanding of salvation through the finished works of the cross. Pastor Thamo explains the subjective and objective sides of salvation.

This session also deals much with the role of the Holy Spirit in helping us to both understand and overcome the kingdom of darkness. Our lives must be Christocentric and pneumocentric. Every believer must develop a deep and very intimate dependency relationship upon the Holy Spirit.

At this stage of the series the foundations of this particular subject are still being built. These foundations are extremely important, however, because they are comprised of principles and precepts that must be put into place before we can successfully contend with the satanic kingdom of darkness.